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Pricing per Person

$15 / First 20 Minutes

$5 / Every Additional 10 Minutes

*Options for multiple players:

  • Get 1 VR station and switch off to watch each other play; minimum play time of 15 minutes per switch for most fun

  • Get multiple stations to play multiplayer games


$55 / Per Player

* Unlimited Play Time within a Day

  • Guarantee of 2 hours to start

  • Can get back in queue anytime

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Rent out the entire space and host your next birthday party or corporate event here!


We offer options of 6, 7, or 8 stations.

Pricing varies depending on the number of players you'd like to allocate per station. Decorations are included. You are welcome to bring food.

Send us a booking request form and we will get back to you and make your party/event happen!

We recommend a maximum of 3 players per station, per hour

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Happy VHouR

Happy VHouR is now our Regular Hour!

For special discounts or promotion, follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram for more information!

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