• Follow Steps 1 through 4 below to reserve your stations

  • For store buyout of more than 15 players or request to visit outside of regular business hours, please contact us for availability


Select Amount of Time Desired

  • Default for each option is Per Player

  • For bookings of more than 1.5 hours with multiple players to rotate at the same station(s), make bookings back to back under the same name



Choose Number of Station(s) Desired

  • 1 player plays at a station at a time

  • Multiple stations are required to play multiplayer games

  • If you are booking multiple stations with different amount of player(s), please make separate bookings




  • Check + Player(s) if you want to have multiple players switching off within the same station



make Deposit to secure your booking

  • A deposit of $5 per station is required

  • The deposit is non-refundable if you do not cancel your booking more than 1 hour prior to your scheduled time